January 5, 2012

GERD Food Diary, Day 4: Thursday, January 5, 2012

I woke up feeling ok, no nausea or reflux.  I spent the first half hour of the day doing some stretches and practicing a Tai Chi sequence.  I would like to increase my exercise in the morning to 30 minutes -- right now it is usually around 15 minutes -- "anything better than nothing."  My intestines feel lighter, though still more bloated than they should be.  

Note: I drink water throughout the day -- I may not always note it here, just the special beverages.

6:00 AM:  Breakfast
1 square Wheetabix
1/4 C. crushed walnuts
1 C. almond milk (Blue Diamond vanilla unsweetened)
2 T. raisins
1 square dark chocolate
1 very small pear
1 cup Oolong tea

10:30 AM: Snack
1 and a half apple-cinnamon-oat muffin (my homemade muffin)
1 bite of chocolate (that I immediately regretted; it gave me momentary reflux, which quickly subsided)

12:15 PM:  Lunch
"Medley" from homemade leftovers --
1/2 C. brown rice
1/2 black beans
1 C. frozen spinach
a few spoons of veggie soup over this for flavor
I feel really good at lunch -- am enjoying my "clean" food, very minimal GERD symptoms, if any.  Still some bloating, and that "dropping" feeling in my abdomen despite being "regular" the past days.  Very bad pain in my left hip -- not GERD related, but definitely affecting my health, so I should note this here.  I suspect a pinched nerve, or something more.  I've had hip pain off and on for months and have been ignoring it.  "Not another medical issue!"  I may not be able to ignore this much longer.  Go figure, just when you get one health issue under control, here comes another one!

1:30 PM: Snack
I treated myself to an almond milk hot chocolate at Le Pain Quotidien, an organic cafe.  
The chocolate came separate from the milk -- I was invited to pour my desired amount into the cup and, of course, I used up every bit of it.  It was a little excessive -- I could have been happy with half the chocolate! -- and left me with an uncomfortable caffeine/sugar rush (and bloated stomach) afterwards.  Luckily, this passed quickly and I enjoyed an afternoon feeling good.  Very minimal GERD symptoms (some FIT, some belching).

4:30 PM: Snack
2 clementines
Feeling good gut-wise, stress levels excellent, intestines are settling down -- I am doing well staying on top of projects at work, and feeling positive overall.  I have been creating a relaxed atmosphere at my desk with a chair adjustment to help posture and "meditative" music to keep me focused.

5:30 PM: Snack
Banana, handful of nuts.   After my evening walk to the subway, I felt extremely light-headed and nauseous.   Maybe I did not eat enough in the day, or maybe I had too much of that hot chocolate.  I was still not feeling great when I boarded the train home, but by the time I got back to my neighborhood, my body felt normal.

7:45 PM:  Dinner
I had leftovers from Christmas (three different dishes that had been in the freezer).  I was concerned the portion would be too small, so I added a side of squash that I made the night before, and some canned beans.   It was all delicious, but I soon realized I was eating too much, and probably too fast.   I should have had half of my plate, or just one or two of the three leftovers (all three were, I think, too rich for my gut).   I had just a small bite of dessert, a good call.   I felt "stuffed" for hours, and had a moment of indigestion in the middle of the night.  A TUMS helped.

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