January 11, 2012

Linkage: Acid Reflux Discussion Boards

One of my "hobbies" is looking around the web for first-hand accounts of acid reflux and other GERD experiences.   There are numerous quasi-medical sites, anti-acid product sites, and advertising sites disguised as blogs.  What about "real people" and their "real life" guts?  (This is one of the goals of the Cranky Gerd blog -- to share my firsthand experience of this tiring condition so people can see what "other people" are going through.)

Here are a few of my latest finds:

The Vegan Forum Discussion Board Acid Reflux Thread 
Thread offering various first-hand descriptions of symptoms, experiences with raw/vegan diets, a few links.

My Kitchen in the Desert
This blog seems defunct (the last post was 2009) but there is some interesting stuff here by an Australian vegetarian foodie suffering from GERD (or GORD).   Food discussion, GERD discussion, recipes.

My Acid Reflux Story
Vegan Wanderer's summary of his GERD issues.

Journey to a Healthy Life
Vegan Wanderer now writes a food/nutrition blog with up to date discussions, links and photos about eating well, food production, and other food/nutrition related topics.

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