January 4, 2012

GERD Food Diary: Day 3, Wednesday, January 4, 2010

Black beans and brown rice

Morning summary:  Slept well.  Woke up early and did morning weights and a very short (5 minute) routine on the stationary bike.  While getting breakfast ready, I felt reflux and a tightness in my throat again.  I wonder why this happens after I've been up for 15-20 minutes, and not when I wake up.  I am bloated and my guts feel "heavy," and I am worried about constipation again.  My anxiety about getting out of the house on time coincides with my concern about "staying regular."   Does anyone else have this problem?   I am almost fanatical about it lately, after noticing how closely connected my reflux symptoms seem to be with constipation.  

6:00 AM: Breakfast
1 Wheetabix square
1 C. almond milk (Blue Diamond vanilla unsweetened)
1/4 C. chopped walnuts/pecans
2 T. raisins
1/3 muffin (my homemade apple-cinnamon-oat)
1 square Ritter dark chocolate (sometimes I find a small bit of chocolate to be helpful with my intestines)
1 C. Hojicha tea

9:30 AM: Second Breakfast
1 and 1/2 homemade apple-cinnamon-oat muffin

11:30 AM: Sharp pain in back between shoulders, bloated lower abdomen, minor stomach pain, some nausea (I have not experienced nausea in several weeks....)

12:30 PM: Lunch
Hungry, a little overwhelmed by workday but keeping up, staying positive.  Stretched out back, hip after sharp pains this morning.  I feel better.  Food in throat feeling after eating lunch, which I ate slowly, chewed well.
1 Amy's Burrito (Spinach/Tofu)
2 clementines

2:00 PM: 1 cup Blackcurrent tea (Tea Forte brand)

4:00 PM: 1/5 plain bagel
I was hungry and in the mood for a "sweet."  Instead of having one or more of the many cookies around the office today, I opted for a small piece of bagel, which was satisfying.

7:45 PM: Dinner
1/2 C black beans (Cayuga Organics)
1/2 C. brown rice
1 C. kale-enhanced veggie soup (I took the last of my kale-carrot-potato soup and, during reheating, added two cups of fresh kale and some water to the pot.  What a great way to "use up" the rest of my kale.  It turned out great!)
1/3 plain roll with Earth Balance spread

8:50 PM: I feel ok, though "gassy" and bloated in my lower abdomen/intestines.  Minimal food in throat feeling, some belching.  I think my reflux is subsiding -- or, at least I am convincing myself it is?!  

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