October 13, 2011

Managing GERD While Sick, Part 1

One of the many orange juice servings I've been sipping…


My GERD tolerated a whirlwind weekend with houseguests during which I managed to eat my usual foods, largely due to my friends' interest in vegetarian dining -- our dining out included Hale & HeartyWhole Foods, and my favorite Thai restaurant, while lots and lots of walking around the city.  I noticed some FIT and belching, but overall felt ok.  I ate lighter than usual, due to all of our "racing around."   I was pleasantly surprised by how little effect this busy weekend had on my GERD -- I guess I managed to keep everything in check.


I dropped off my guests at the train station and spent the afternoon doing some postponed shopping to freshen up the work wardrobe.  By the late afternoon, I felt cold symptoms creeping up:  stuffy nose, throbbing head, tell-tale body aches, an overall feverish feeling.  By Monday evening, it was clear I had picked up a bug.  I dislike medications when I am sick, reaching instead for the citrus foods, soups, hot tea.  One of my secret weapons is Odwalla's "C-Monster" line, which gives you 2000% of your daily Vitamin C in one bottle.  I know, I know, Vitamin C isn't stored and all, but this stuff gets me on the healthier side of sick in a flash, nearly every time.    Not this time, though…

I pushed on for the rest of the week, until Wednesday afternoon when I had to relent and "give in" to bed rest.   On the way home I picked up Amy's No-Chicken Noodle Soup.   It's one of the few Amy's products that is underwhelming; not as bad as some reviewers have noted, but still not something I'd go out of my way to buy again.

A dose of aspirin, lots of glasses of orange juice, and a small dinner (1 potato pierogi, small scoop of kasha) helped me feel better but I noticed more belching, queasiness, and some heartburn.  That lump in the throat feeling was pronounced.  I blame the citrus -- definitely harsh on my GERD belly.

What's a cranky gut to do?

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