October 5, 2011

What Has Been Occupying My Time

I've been lax with the blog updates largely because I'm immersed in the Occupy Wall Street movement happening a short distance away from me.  What do you think, Cranky readers?

GERD-wise, I am doing okay -- a miracle since four days of sleep-deprivation  resulted in drinking a lot of caffeine and ingesting a lot of chocolate.  I've also been stuck eating a lot of late dinners.   No heartburn, no untoward belching, a bit of "food in throat" but even this is subsided.  I can't figure it out!

The only dietary change I have made over the past week is to include one-quarter cup of ground walnuts on my cereal, which has been Shredded Wheat.

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome... thanks for supporting the movement! My daughter is there right now, and has been since day 1. I'm so proud of her! She's on the media and PR team, giving interviews and answering emails, etc. It's such an important event.