October 14, 2011

Managing GERD While Sick, Part 2

My homemade vegetable soup -- first of the season!


I stayed home Thursday and made a simple vegetable soup: carrots, leeks, onion, garlic, parsley, turnip, parsnip, potato, rosemary sprig, some water and sprinkles of olive oil.  This is probably too overpowering in onion and garlic flavors for normal palates, but for my mucous-filled head and stuffy nose, it tasted perfect -- a road-to-health hot elixir!  My GERD tolerated this well.

Later, I made an almond milk hot chocolate with Blue Diamond vanilla unsweetened almond milk and dark chocolate mix (no dairy) I had in the house -- but it did not give me the same well-being sensation as that homemade almond milk from the Green Bean Cafe.   By dinner, I felt queasy and had experienced belching and heartburn more than usual.  I had wanted a potato ball from my local pizzeria (no energy to cook) but they were all out, so I resorted to pizza.   No concerns following the pizza, to my surprise.

It is now Friday morning and I am feeling "on the mend" cold-wise, though I woke up with gnawing stomach, slight heartburn, and more belching.   I decided to stay home from work again -- I am not entirely comfortable with this because if I'm well enough to blog, aren't I well enough to hit my work desk?   (But at the office, I can't just fall onto the bed at will and take three daytime naps, right?)   I have some "homework" I can tackle, and there's more soup, fruits, fresh blankets to keep me nourished.

Reminder to myself: eat slowly!  I have not been following my own chewing advice lately.

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