September 24, 2011

What Not To Do on a Friday

Yesterday was a gastronomic disaster.   My emotional state was grim* and I know this translated to stupid food choices.  Which translated to a cranky gut.  Here's what I did, and shouldn't do again:

1. Did not pack adequate snacks due to laziness and apathy.   Regretted this later.

2. Hungry around 11:30 AM so I snacked on an office platter of cheese cubes and crackers.  Dairy, I know, I know.  I actually enjoyed it very much.  I ate around 6-7 cubes of Swiss and cheddar, and the same number of assorted crackers.  I did make an effort to chew adequately.  

3. I decided to make the cheese and crackers my lunch.  To boost the nutrition value, I ate my apple, which tasted bad.   (A disappointment since I got it at the Farmer's Market.)

4. Between 10 AM and 1 PM, I ate two mini cupcakes (vanilla with chocolate frosting) from Magnolia Bakery.  Leftovers from Thursday's reception.  Yeah, this is all sounding pathetic.  I ate them with excitement, feeling I was breaking a "taboo" (non-vegan crappy baked goods!  sugar sugar sugar before noon!) and I did also enjoy these.

5. I left work early at 2 PM intending to go shopping.  Instead, I felt frozen by my grim thoughts.  And I was caught in a rainy deluge.   My shoes were soaked and my interest in doing anything was thin.     So I just wandered around, accomplishing nothing -- and not enjoying my lack of accomplishment.   I did buy squash at a greenmarket, though, and looked at new eyeglasses.

6. I was hungry at 4:30 PM but instead of eating something nourishing, I had a cup of Darjeeling tea.  With two packets of sugar.

7.  J. met me and I "had to eat" so we went to the local pizza joint and had slices for dinner.

8. By the time I went to bed, I was feeling all bloated, reflux-y, overall "not good."  

I'm not proud of this day's intake, but there it is. 

Saturday morning --  I woke up determined to not repeat those mistakes!   Today's day-long art festival will not be conducive to eating the right foods in the right way -- it is a challenge to eat "in a crowd" and on the go, all day.   Where can I get vegetables?  Foods that are tasty but not overly seasoned?  Will people care that I am eating slow as molasses?

*My grim mood today is due to my realization that I can't have any pets right now for various good reasons.   There is a great cat up for adoption at the corner pet supply store and it's killing me that I can't take him home.


  1. Always, always carry good food if you're not assured of a good source when you're away from home. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. "Not assured of a good source…" -- that's almost always! (Is anything as good as when I bring it? Rarely!) I'm usually really on this -- Friday was a debacle but it was a concrete demonstration of what will happen when I veer off my Gerd- and veg-friendly diet. Part of Friday's issue, too, was my apathy -- I was a little depressed and this definitely played out in my diet.

    Feeling much better today after exercise, careful food choices (I found edamame dumplings at a food truck during my day out yesterday!) and a great "cleansing" dinner tonight. Back on track.