September 25, 2011

Secret Weapon: Edamame Dumplings

I spent Saturday roaming around the annual DUMBO art festival.   Some options for lunch included a local grocery that also has an eat-in salad bar, a vegetarian-friendly rice place, and the usual pizza shop.   This year, the festival included a row of food trucks -- all the rage nowadays -- including the Rickshaw Dumpling truck.   They are well-regarded among the food truck aficianados, and the truck always has very long lines, so I was pleased to go right up to the counter and order six edamame dumplings.  I ate them plain, no soy or lemon sauce.   DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS -- I could not have been more thrilled!

I tried not to gobble them right down, and felt great afterwards.  No GERD issues aside from the ever-present, subtle FIT (Food in Throat) feeling.  (Am I just imagining that at this point?)

Edamame are a secret weapon for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as far as I am concerned.   A favorite "cleansing" breakfast for me is sauteed edamame with peas and green beans -- often frozen -- which I eat without salt or other seasonings, and maybe a few whole wheat crackers on the side.  

I was pleased to find this recipe online for a homemade version of the Rickshaw edamame dumplings.   On my to-do list!

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