September 23, 2011

Catch Up

I've been off the blog for a few days due to a lot of work deadlines and some personal sloth (after looking at screens all day I needed a break!).

Since my last post, I've continued mindful chewing, small portions, and increased exercise.  I have been able to resume my morning weights and stationery bike routine, and managed a few long morning walks this week.


I was disheartened after 48 hours of slow eating/chewing when I noticed some heartburn.  I also have been feeling immensely full after my dinners.  Is this because I'm eating so slowly and really feeling the effects of the digestion process?   Maybe I need to eat even less at a sitting.  Still, even with symptoms here and there, there is a tangible difference in how my "gut" feels.  I can almost sense my stomach sighing with relief at having not to try so hard.   Does this make sense?


I also veered off my mostly vegan diet and ate two mini cupcakes at a reception on Thursday.  They were from the famous Magnolia Bakery, so my curiosity overcame my dietary regimen.   I had the first at the reception and the second one hours later (we had leftovers in the office).   The first cupcake (chocolate with vanilla frosting) was not pleasing, in taste or result.  My stomach felt immediately displeased.   The second one (vanilla with chocolate frosting) did not affect me in the same way at all -- I enjoyed that one both for taste and no aftermath.  Strange.


Homemade almond milk!  From the Green Bean Cafe, where they also make homemade Brazil Nut milk, cashew nut milk and other vegan delicacies.  On Wednesday afternoon, I had a hot chocolate made from almond milk and felt as though I had taken nine vitamins -- extraordinary!  One of the best $4.75 purchases I've made (worth every penny!) and am destined to repeat.


  1. Remember that the general capacity of your stomach is about 2 cups, or maybe the size of your two fists together. Are you eating substantially more than that at a sitting? Also, when you eat slowly, your stomach can register fullness. Sometimes I discover I'm full, long before I've finished what's on my plate.

  2. I have not "felt" full with the amount of food I eat, usually, until my recent chewing experiment. At least not in this way -- I have experienced "a feeling of fullness" after a few bites of food -- something I've designated as part of my overall GERD syndrome.

    I am liking this "chewing slowly, eating modestly" approach. Even for non-GERD folks, this is the way to go for a healthy, happy gut. Now to keep it in practice -- tough when everyone around me eats faster, or schedules are hectic.