August 14, 2011

Seven Days of No Tea (and What I Am Learning)

One more day of this GERD diet!  [Update: And it's a doozy.  Wait til you get to Sunday. - CrankyGerd]

Overall, I am feeling no physiological change by eliminating the GERD triggers.  If anything, I'm more cranky without my tea!  I am more and more convinced that my GERD stems from stress, and is triggered by my overall constant state of "stress."  More on this after Sunday's final diet post.


I am realizing, writing these blog entries, that I am consuming small but not insignificant amounts of dairy daily, with ice cream or small amounts of cheese (often on pizza).    I am pleased that I have cut out butter altogether -- a food I never thought I could "live without."   I avoid foods with milk and milk-byproducts when shopping (i.e. cereals, crackers, breads, frozen foods, etc.).  

Still, as you witness, I remain unwilling to "give up" pizza or ice cream.  I've tried the dairy-free options and they are just not as satisfying.  A hedonistic reasoning -- do I really put my palate over my health (or the well being of other creatures?!).  I am well aware of the ethical issues regarding dairy production -- and am appalled enough to be interested in cutting it out altogether from my diet.   Am I getting there?  Do I need to explore more tasty options?

Health-wise, dairy does not seem to affect me adversely -- I feel no worse for it, and often feel good in my "guts."  Historically, I have always found comfort in milk and milk products when I feel ill.   Physicians say avoid dairy if you have stomach issues; I always found a bowl of ice cream would soothe my stomach, no gut distress at all.  My dad is the same way -- after a round of stomach issues, he enjoys a milkshake.   Still, cutting out all dairy -- would that lead to "big picture" improvements in my health that I can't even anticipate?  
Maybe another visit to the NOT MILK website is in order.


  1. I would think either stress or another food sensitivity - the GERD elimination diet doesn't tackle any of the major irritants, and just takes the fun out of life by banning caffeine.

    If serious stress reduction techniques don't work, then really consider an allergy elimination diet for a week or two to see what happens...

  2. Anon, I agree completely! The GERD elimination diet was my first step. I am betting on "stress" and have developed a personal theory about mine, which I'll share on this blog shortly! I can't rule out a food allergy or sensitivity, and will keep this mind as well.