August 15, 2011

GERD Elimination Diet, Day 7: Sunday, August 14

Yikes, what a gastronomic disaster.

Breakfast -- 8:30 AM
Vacation plans abandoned, J. and I decided to take advantage of being up super-early and finally try out the local five-star "foodie hot spot" before the crowds spill onto the sidewalk.   The restaurant advocates local sourcing, even including the names of the farms from where the eggs, cheese, meats come from on the menu.  This matches my efforts to eat only pastured, locally sourced eggs (and ideally all dairy), so I was excited!   We both selected the same thing:

Eggs with sage and cheddar on panini rolls.

The first bites were good.  As the meal went on, we both realized the food was too heavy for us.  Most of our meals are very simple -- hardly any salt, seasonings, sauces; we might as well go macrobiotic.   An hour later, I was walking home with a queasy gut.  When I got home, I propped myself up with pillows and slept for nearly two hours.   I woke up more queasy, and vomited.    The rest of the day was spent recovering, with a fragile gut.  I didn't want to eat anything for most of the day.

J. never got to my stage, but also felt queasy all day long.

For the record:

Lunch -- 1:00 PM
Graham cracker

Snack -- 6:00 PM
1 banana
Handful of cereal (Nature's Path Oaty Bites)
-- My first time trying Oaty Bites.  I like these!  Low sugar, simple ingredients, nice flavor.

Dinner -- 7:15 PM
1 C. lentil soup (Amy's brand)
1/2 roll from supermarket bakery
-- I don't work for Amy's brands.  Really.

Dessert -- 8:00 PM
1 C. strawberry ice cream (Breyer's)

p.s. Last day of my GERD Elimination Diet!!

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