August 8, 2011

Lost Weekend (and Nights of Gerd)

Despite eating out, eating too much, and eating too much of the "wrong" foods (chocolate, tea, fatty things), my GERD seemed no worse than average.   The weekend was a whirlwind, and my stomach followed.

I am starting my GERD Elimination Diet today for seven days.  No chocolate sounds extreme to me and continuing with no tea is uncivilized.  I have been falling asleep at my desk at work in fits of narcolepsy.  But, it's only seven days and I will probably learn something.

Another thing I would like to try this week is not reclining until after three hours from my last meal in the evening.   Over the past months, I'm increasingly prone (no pun intended) to GERD-y symptoms in the middle of the night and in the morning:  belching, regurgitation, slight heartburn.   This is new for me, and irritating.  

GERD is stressful!  Which only produces more GERD!

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