August 4, 2011

Food Diary: Thursday, August 4


GERD elimination diet is not underway, yet.    My 48 hours without tea ended with a cup of a white and green tea blend this afternoon.   It was a weak cup and I did not feel any different after drinking it, except happier.

I started the day with a glass of Gerolsteiner mineral water and that "food-in-throat" (FIT) feeling.


7:00 AM - Breakfast:
1 Wheetabix
1 C. almond milk
1/4 C. raisins
handful of grapes

10:00 AM Snack:
1 slice rye bread (plain)

10:30 AM Snack:
Brownie (my homemade dairy-free, egg-free, chocolate-full brownies)
- No adverse effects from the brownie.

1:00 PM - Lunch:
1 small salad from Le Gourmet deli that I composed myself.  It contained leafy greens, peas, walnuts, tomatoes, chickpeas, balsamic dressing.   Slice of foccacia bread on the side.
1 small brownie (1/2 inch) piece
-  Strong "food in throat" feeling.  This feels like a "lump in the throat" that you get during a nervous moment.

At some point today, I also had 1/3 C. unsweetened applesauce.

2:30 PM - Snack
1 cup white/green tea

8:15 PM - Dinner
1 C. kidney beans (from dry organic beans I made last night)
1 C. broccoli (frozen florets)
1.5. slices of rye bread with Earth Balance spread

9:45 PM - Dessert
1 large bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream (Breyer's)
- My diet is vegetarian-veering-to-vegan.  I can't seem to resist ice cream and pizza, still.  When traveling, I shift to vegetarian, though I seek out vegan options.  I buy pastured eggs and eat these almost exclusively.   Soon, I'll devote an entry to my diet, or maybe a page, just for context. 

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