August 15, 2011

Roasted Green Tea (Hojicha)


My first cup of long awaited tea after this week of tea deprivation!   I chose hojicha (roasted green tea) I bought from a Japanese shop in Brooklyn.  The mug is from Dado Tea, a marvelous tea cafe in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.

My doctor, while warning me that tea can exacerbate GERD, agrees tea is a healthy drink.  I like that he understands my tea affection (affliction) and is not outright banning it for my diet, encouraging me to explore strategies (more herbals, green teas, etc.).

After my first cup, I feel slight FIT, and a small bit of heartburn -- but I've had these issues without the tea all week.  So…

p.s. Green tea is one of the recent health crazes, but of course us green tea drinkers know how it good it is, and how good it is for you, all along, right?


  1. Tea on an empty stomach makes me unbelievably nauseous, but I can drink coffee on an empty stomach with no consequences at all.

    What was the timing of the FIT and heartburn? Did it happen at the same time it does on non-tea mornings?

  2. The FIT is almost chronic -- very subtle, but I can tell it's there. Tea or no tea. Same for the heartburn. Honestly, the heartburn is a new thing for me -- I *never* had heartburn until after my upper endoscopy! Now it comes a few times a week. Sometimes I can tie it to eating (too much, or too spicy foods).

    Green tea and puehr don't bother me but I know what you mean about tea and nausea -- sometimes black tea bugs me, particularly on an empty stomach, as well.

  3. FIT = Food in throat (or "lump in throat") feeling. I coined this acronym in an earlier post, just in case people wonder what that means!