August 12, 2011

Gerd Elimination Diet, Day 5: Friday, August 12

TGIF.  I stayed up late to watch the Republican debate and now a cup of tea would be my salvation.  Instead, I am drinking orange juice and looking forward to a cup of herbal.  After 10 minutes of waking up today, I felt that clenched throat feeling and slight heartburn.  This resolved soon on its own and I did morning weights with no concerns.

Breakfast -- 6:30 AM
1 Wheetabix square
1 C. almond milk
1/4 C. raisins
1/2 graham cracker square
-- Hectic morning but in a good way. I was busy with chores, though I ate breakfast slowly.  I just didn't have time for my usual fruit.

Snack -- 9:00 AM
8 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice
-- another effort to ward off the germs of my coworkers...

Snack -- 11:00 AM
1 hard boiled egg (pastured)
1 granola bar (Nature Valley Honey & Oat variety)

Lunch -- 1:30 PM
Leftover medley: corn on the cob, green beans, edamame, parsley
-- I threw this together in five minutes.  Ingredients from leftovers, except for the edamame, which I sauteed in the morning before adding to the mixture.  Delicious!
1 C.  cherries

Snack -- 5:00 PM
pretzels, crackers, 1 oz smoked gouda
-- Office party after work; I nibbled on a few things.

Dinner -- 7:45 PM
1 slice pizza (regular cheese)
1/2 slice Sicilian pizza
Salad with tomato, cucumbers, peppers and Italian dressing
-- After a long day, I was exhausted!   I decided to eat out, and did not want to make a production of it, so we walked around the block to a good pizza place and that's what we had.

Dessert -- 8:30 PM
1 C. vanilla ice cream (Breyer's)

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  1. Where's the rest of Friday? inquiring minds want to know. ;-)