August 11, 2011

Gerd Elimination Diet, Day 4: Thursday, August 11

Morning GERD:  Once again, shortly after waking, I went from feeling "okay" (slight FIT) to that clenched throat sensation.  I don't know what is causing this.  I am definitely hungry upon waking.

Pre-Breakfast Snack -- 6:00 AM
1 Mott's natural applesauce cup
1/2 graham cracker
-- I hoped this would calm my stomach acids.   It calmed the hunger, and by turn, the acids.

Breakfast -- 7:15 AM
1 Wheetabix square
1/4 C. raisins
handful of strawberries
-- By 7:45 AM, I felt a sharp pain in my esophagus/stomach -- a "lump in throat" feeling again.   It seems eliminating caffeine is not making any difference.  I could use a cup of tea soon -- but will delay until this week is over!

Snack -- 9:10 AM
1 bottle Odwalla Strawberry C-Monster
-- Everyone at work is sick, and I felt run down this morning, so on to my "secret weapon" -- Odwalla C-Monster, with 1500% of the Vitamin C needed in a day.  This usually gets me past any germy episodes.

Snack -- 10:00 AM
1 slice rye bread (Syrena Bakery)
1 cup of decaffeinated Ceylon tea (Harney & Sons)
-- Feeling mentally better just steeping a cup of "black" tea.  Had bread since I was hungry; I think I need to have more protein in the morning as part of one of my breakfasts.  Some ideas: nuts, nut butters, tofu, pastured egg, edamame.  It's no wonder I am hungry since I am eating only a "half portion" of cereal earlier, but I think more protein early in the day would be beneficial.

Snack -- 10:45 AM
1 C sliced strawberries

Lunch -- 12:00 PM
1 Amy's Burrito (Indian Spinach and Tofu)
8 oz Poland Spring water
-- Amy's burritos are heavenly.  Wholesome, delicious, perfectly seasoned to my taste.  This variety sounds like it would be spicy, but it is mild.

Snack -- 2:30 PM
1 Mott's natural applesauce cup

Snack -- 4:00 PM
1 single serving almond milk (Silk brand vanilla)
1 Nature Valley granola bar (Oat & Honey)
-- I do love these bars, but am trying out other brands for my "go-to."  I'm trying to avoid honey...

Dinner -- 7:45 PM
2 Morningstar vegetarian sausages
2/3 C. baked beans (B&M vegetarian)
2/3 C. mixed vegetables (Birdseye)
1 slice rye bread
-- No time for elaborate cooking, so this is our quick meal.  Racing around before and after dinner with chores. Feel ok, though while eating the sausages I felt some heartburn come on during the meal.  This subsided quickly during the meal, as well.

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  1. Regarding the chores, this was posted on Lifehacker yesterday, and I like the idea: How to Find More Time in Your Day by Putting Your Chores on Autopilot

    Some of these things I know you already do, though!

    Even with my crazy schedule, I think I can find 10 minutes in the evening to hit one part of the apartment... And it's so much easier when there isn't cat litter everywhere. :-/