August 10, 2011

Gerd Elimination Diet, Day 3: Wednesday, August 10

Woke up with FIT and belching but otherwise a peaceful night.   I am meeting a friend for lunch today, so I am already strategizing about where we should go.  It needs to be not only veg-friendly but also GERD-diet friendly!

Breakfast -- 6:15 AM
1 Wheetabix square
1 C. almond milk
1/4 raisins
1 Mott's natural applesauce cup
1 graham cracker
-- I ate the applesauce 20 minutes prior to breakfast, and the graham cracker a few minutes after breakfast.

8:23 AM -- running late and definitely feeling it in my esophagus.  I am feeling very "full" and my throat is clenched, burning.  Yikes!

Snack -- 10:00 AM
1 medium banana

Snack - 10:45 AM
1/2 sesame bagel (plain; bagel was on the smaller side)
1 C. hot tea (decaffeinated Harney & Sons Ceylon)
-- I am drinking DECAFFEINATED tea.  (Shocking!)  I hear you can decaffeinate any tea by steeping it, pouring off the water, and re-steeping.  Each new steep will have less and less caffeine.  With this Elimination Week, I did not want to take a chance so I am going commercial for the precision.  Regarding the bagel, I was hungry and decided to have more breakfast; since reducing my breakfast to a smaller portion, I am ready for a second breakfast later in the morning.  I plan to make a better effort to bring my second breakfast, which should include vegetables and protein.  This will take more planning!  Having to plan means more stress!  It's a gruesome circle.   But I think more planning will ultimately reduce the stress!

Lunch -- 1:15 PM
At Le Pain Quotidien
1 Butternut squash soup (cup size)
1 small slice baguette
1 side salad topped with tomato, cucumber, cantaloupe, and white beans
-- This was a relaxing lunch with an old friend.  We took our time eating (she, too, has had GERD!) and I think this helped.  No symptoms except slight FIT as always.

Snack -- 4:00 PM
1 bag Bazzini nuts (Pecan Surprise variety)
-- I love this NYC brand, and always buy the Pecan Surprise with pecans, walnuts and black/golden raisins.

Snack -- 6:30 PM
2/3 C. almond milk
1 graham cracker

Dinner -- 7:45 PM
1 corn on the cob (greenmarket)
1 C. green beans (greenmarket)
1 veggie burger (Amy's All-American)
1/2 C strawberries
11/2  T Earth Balance
-- ate slowly, feeling okay but somewhat "stressed out" during dinner prep. I'm trying to eat as early as possible to avoid sleeping on a full stomach -- but it's stressful to be "racing against the clock" every night!

Dessert -- 8:30 PM
1 C. Breyer's ice cream (strawberry/vanilla)

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