August 10, 2011

Color Me De-Stressed

Three days into the elimination diet and I don't feel any difference.  I am still waking up with that "food stuck in throat feeling" and all belchy, symptoms which continue throughout the day.    

Could my triggers be non-food related?  I am feeling especially overwhelmed this week:
  • too many coinciding work project deadlines
  • too many personal errands going undone (new eyeglasses, haircut, sorting the recyclables) 
  • too many depressing news stories (debt ceilings, rioting youth, abused animals)
  • too many postponed vacations 
After measuring my GI tract's response to food triggers, I would like to make a calculated effort to reduce non-food "stressors" to see if this makes a difference.   If I can't "eliminate" them, maybe I can increase my de-stressing tactics.

For instance:  Look at charming blogs!  

Like Color Me Katie, a wonderful blog of art, performance and observation by Brooklyn artist Katie Sokoler:


  1. Sometimes these things take time - for example, people with celiac disease don't feel better until 2-4 weeks after stopping eating gluten - because it takes time for the body to heal from the damage done to it. The fact that I felt better after a couple of days of not eating dairy is only one end of the spectrum.

    Are you also making sure that you're eating slowly and chewing thoroughly?

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! I'm willing to keep at it for a few more weeks, but my doctor says the GERD elimination diet is not like the allergy elimination diet, for which he also suggests 4 weeks. He says the GERD diet kicks in very quickly -- either it helps or it doesn't. My symptoms may not be stemming from foods but from something else (lifestyle stressors, etc.).

    I'm definitely a slow eater, the last diner standing in most circles, but I agree, I should make an effort to check myself and not gulp food down -- or drink too fast.