August 9, 2011

Gerd Elimination Diet, Day 2: Tuesday, August 9

I really want chocolate!  And tea!!

I woke up feeling a slight "food in throat" issue, but this grew into "heartburn" (not so much burning as a clenched feeling, slight gnawing in my throat).  This is the pattern -- wake up, feel "the usual" FIT, ten minutes later, I feel worse.   I am definitely hungry.

Breakfast -- 6:30 AM
1 Wheetabix square
1 C. almond milk
1/4 C. raisins
1 graham cracker
-- I eat the same thing every morning, with slight variation (different cereal, different fruit).  I don't mind this one bit.

Snack -- 10:00 AM
1 Nature Valley Oat & Honey granola bar
8 oz. Poland Spring water

11:13 AM -- gnawing feeling in stomach/esophagus (I think I am getting more savvy at "feeling" the source of the gnawing, rather than the "referred" pain -- or maybe I just think I am.)    I am hungry and looking forward to lunch.  Feeling a little stressed out with many projects in front of me.

Snack -- 11:30 AM
1 Mott's Natural Applesauce cup
-- I ate this to stave off hunger before lunch and to get rid of slight nausea and grinding stomach.  (It worked.)

Lunch -- 12:10 PM
Amy's Veggie Loaf meal -- I had the low-sodium version, with 340mg sodium.  I am a real Amy's Foods aficianado.  Like this blogger
-- I felt great while eating this, and aside from the ever-present FIT sensation, minutes later, I feel pretty good.  Ready for part two of the work day!

Snack -- 2:00 PM
1 Nature Valley granola bar (the rest of the pack from this morning)

Snack -- 2:30 PM
4 sugar plums (from the greenmarket)

Snack -- 4:15 PM
1 small Delicious apple
-- Worried about being hungry before dinner as I am attending a late meeting; I don't want to succumb to the leftover pizza in our conference room!

Snack -- 7:30 PM
Seltzer with lemon and lime

Dinner -- 8:30 PM
Bean Curd with Basil and brown rice on the side (Brooklyn restaurant)
-- The subway was flooded last night, making my commute home long and arduous.  I had to take an alternate route and this led to me eating out.  I met J. and we went to our favorite Thai restaurant.   I was worried eating so late would give me agita but I had no concerns.  I had two sips of J.'s Coke before realizing I am not having any caffeine on the elimination diet.   Whoops.

Dessert -- 9:15 PM
1 C. strawberry ice cream (Breyer's)


  1. Hi there,

    Just wondering how your GERD has been going since writing this blog several years ago. Am a sufferer myself and hoping that the outcome over the long term has been positive for you.

  2. Better than my ability to reply to comments on this blog! ;-) Sorry for the delayed reply (!!). I've done much better with the "lump in throat" sensation and even frequent nausea -- both have largely subsided though nausea is still a common situation for me. I think I've pinpointed symptoms to flaring up when I eat too fast, or too much -- it's the process of eating more than WHAT I eat. But, black tea and certain oils (in processed foods, when I rarely eat them) seem to affect me in a negative way (nausea, heartburn). I've also learned how to use breathing and other relaxing activity to help control nausea, clenched throats, and such. It does not ALWAYS work, but I do find I'm better off!

    How are things going for you? It's a life-long process! Thanks for the comment!