September 18, 2011

Updates for a Lazy Sunday

A cool and sunny Sunday -- just perfect for a morning bike ride once my flat tire is repaired.  The unexpected downtime this morning is pleasing.  I'm cleaning the apartment, listening to This American Life podcasts, engaging in more de-cluttering (once you start…), and I've been looking around the web and found a few places of interest:

Mindfulness, minimalism, and making your life less complicated.  And one of "the Top 25 blogs and Top 50 websites in the world."  I expect to spend some time on this site.

Runner Matt Frazier's popular site full of his personal insights on the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.   Poke around, there's a bunch of information and inspiration here.

One woman's chronicle of life in a mini-house.   Well-done blog with loads of photos and anecdotes.  I love the "min hus" and its owner's point of view.  Anyone who calls books "sacred clutter" goes to my church.

Thanks to Anonymous for the feedback regarding macrobiotics and the suggestion to follow the macro principle of "chewing until liquified."  I agree this may help -- the extra saliva can only aid digestion once the food hits my stomach, not to mention the act of slowing down may reduce the amount of food I eat altogether, keeping me from over-eating at a given meal.

This morning's breakfast was my first effort to really chew well before EVERY swallow, and it was more difficult than I expected to keep up that slow pace.   (Wow, do I really eat that fast?)   Should I try a week of this mindful chewing and blog about my results here?


  1. Inspired by macro principles, I started chewing very thoroughly at some point this summer, and I credit it with a major decline in the lower GI symptoms I had been experiencing. I wonder how it will affect your upper GI?

    Regarding zenhabits: he has some good content, but the fact that he is not actually a Zen Buddhist rubs me the wrong way. If he called it something that didn't misrepresent the content, I think I would like it more. However, if it offers some insight that you find useful, then good! :-)

  2. Thanks for reading, and mentioning, min hus. I think this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my blog!! What a nice thing to read on a Monday no less.