September 17, 2011

Taking Your GERD Out to Dinner: Macrobiotic Restaurants

Last night J. and I went back to a new favorite restaurant, Souen.  A longstanding "macrobiotic institution" in Manhattan, Souen is classic macrobiotics, with its blend of simple seasoning, complementary foods, easy to digest ingredients, and mostly vegan approach (macrobiotics does incorporate fish; still, for a vegan/vegetarian, macrobiotic restaurants can be very exciting places to dine).

Here is our dinner:  broccoli and shredded tofu with carrot sauce (front) and kombucha squash with tofu and vegetables with tahini sauce (rear).

Sublime!  What I love about macrobiotics is this is inherently very flavorful* food without the usual GERD triggers -- no spicy ingredients, no salt, and no fats.    Our food all settled quickly and neither J. nor I felt any negative after-feelings that can sometimes happen after a meal out.  NO regurgitation overnight for me, either!  :)

I feel especially good this morning -- just a slight food in throat feeling -- what IS that, anyhow?  why does this persist every day?  I am starting to wonder if I am imagining it, or if it is more related to "stress" than any food related triggers.  

RESOURCE: Meta list of macrobiotic websites

*Some people think macrobiotic cooking is too stark -- too bland compared with "regular" cooking.  Since we've cut salt way down and tend to cook simply ourselves, this approach is just perfect for me.  I think diners need to put aside their expectations and let the gentle flavors emerge.


  1. An important aspect of macrobiotic dining is chewing thoroughly, to the point that your food is practically liquefied when you you swallow. I wonder if adopting some of those techniques might help?

  2. Excellent point. I think slowing down while eating, as well as eating less, would definitely help. While I like macrobiotic cooking results, I am by no means following the macrobiotic lifestyle. I think being more mindful overall of how fast I am eating is helpful -- even if I'm not "liquefying" my bites, I should be eating more slowly and chewing more. This is a good reminder.