August 9, 2011

The Stereotype is True; The Stress-GERD Connection

So, what triggered my GERD, anyhow?    I've never had GERD issues, though I know I have always seen stress manifest for me in my guts.   The "classic" union of stress and gut issues has become a cliche -- the stereotypical crime drama lead actor downing glasses of milk or rolls of Tums to quiet their ulcer.

In my case, maybe it's the "New York City syndrome."  The fast pace, small space, overall excitement of life in the big city may be pushing my GI tract to its limit.  My GI doctor told me many of his patients are not native New Yorkers and their symptoms recede once they leave the city.    Maybe it's also the death of my cat last year -- one of the most stressful periods for me, ever.

Can you pinpoint your gut issues to a particular period of your life?

I was interested to read there seems to be a direct correlation of GERD and World Trade Center rescue workers.

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