August 30, 2011

Hurricane Gone, Gerd Returns!

Hurricane Irene's aftermath left some water damage in my bedroom (wall and floor) but this structural damage is not as bad as the GERD that has returned following this weekend.   We're talking pronounced lump in throat feeling, bonafide heartburn, and belching.

I have been eating outside of my usual "whole foods" approach, going through my refrigerator's holdings since I have not been able to hit the greenmarket or do much kitchen prep over the past six days.    Much of what I have in there now is food leftover from my family's visit -- things that are treats or foods I don't eat on a daily basis (some cheese-based dishes, chocolate cake).   With no chance for shopping, I've been shopping out of my larder.   I've eaten out more over the past days, and more processed foods (canned soups, packaged breads).  Some constipation has returned, which is definitely a GERD trigger for me.   I am also not exercising (for 2 weeks now) due to a minor surgical procedure.   So, I'm all out of sorts!

Slowly, I am pulling together my usual diet:  I sorted dry beans this morning so I can make a batch later today.   I'll make my "horse food muffins" tonight or tomorrow.   I've defrosted a batch of tomato-chickpea-eggplant casserole for lunch.  I've resumed my long morning walks.    (And this blog!)

Regarding hurricane (emergency) preparedness and food:  I was amused to see my supermarket shelves emptied of bread and milk -- perishables!    I picked up a few extra things "for the storm," mostly because it was fun to participate in the madness.  My rations consist of:

  • non-perishables that do not require refrigeration (even upon opening)
  • foods that do not require cooking, i.e. nuts, dried/canned fruit, cereal
  • foods that can be prepared with a minimal of cooking, i.e. heating over a sterno stove, heating by boiling water such as instant oatmeal
  • nutrition-dense foods such as whole grains, nut butters

Finally, another blog recommendation!  While searching online for "vegan emergency rations" for ideas, I came across this post about emergency vegan rations in Karol Gajda's blog, Ridiculously Xtraordinary, which is worth many recurring looks.  I am almost late to work this morning because I could not stop fawning over the well-ordered and photographed entry, how to pack ultra-light.  Fantastic, Karol!


  1. You can also just soak oatmeal in soymilk for a while (instant) or overnight (rolled oats, which are better for you), and they become very palatable. Add dried fruit and nuts, and you're good to go, no cooking needed.

    Hahaha! Watch it - you're going to head down the minimalist path! I think you might find it refreshing if you do... :-) Karol's blog is interesting, but I really am not a fan of the minimalism blogs that are also "Here's how you can make money blogging, too" blogs.

    I can give you some recs for other blogs if you're interested...

  2. Oh yes - and hang in there with the GERD. If you're planning on eating all those leftovers (and there's really no reason you should - don't be afraid to throw out food your body doesn't like!) maybe you should only eat small portions.

  3. I ignore the "make money blogging" part -- but I also ignore Google and Facebook ads to the point that I don't even know they exist. When I hear people complain about "all the ads" I think,"What ads?"

    I would love blog recs -- feel free to post here (for the masses!) or send in a message. Thanks!