August 27, 2011

From Earthquakes to Hurricanes -- Getting Ready for Irene!

Here in NYC, there is nothing to do today except prepare for Hurricane Irene.  I stocked up on the essentials, made my "Go Bag," and am sealing up the leaky windows that flood my kitchen during a normal thunderstorm.   My Gerd symptoms have not been that noticeable, oddly, despite the increased stress level and admittedly rich diet over the past 48 hours (my family was in town so all sorts of treats and dinners out were had).

I'll post more about the storm later, once I am sure I'm ready!  Scratch that.  After hours upon hours of television reports and living through Irene, I'm done talking and thinking about this hurricane.    But not before sharing my "hurricane larder."  This is what subsistence rations for two vegetarians* looks like:

* This is actually all vegan!

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