March 10, 2014

March Madness

Winter comfort -- wonton soup at Peacefood.

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year -- one can wear turtlenecks, walk briskly without sweating, and have an excuse to drink hot chocolate!    Still, this winter has become tiresome here in New York!   Is that why I've stopped blogging for several weeks?  Or is it the exhausting pace of life lately?  I recently read another blogger's post about letting her blog unexpectedly "languish" and how she begs readers to forgive her.   That's how I feel -- I'm thinking of you all, really!   Each week I resolve to write a new post but "life happens."  

Well,  onward!


My motility issues have worsened over the past weeks, along with my stress levels, daylight saving time, winter weather, and a hectic schedule.   Thankfully, I discovered respite with a few events and resources:

1)  The big bowl of vegan wonton soup from Peacefood -- pictured above.   If you are in NYC, go and order a bowl!  I tried this one evening and now it's a daily craving, salve for any colds, winter doldrums or nervous stomachs.  The broth is a miso base full of carrots and slivers of other sweet tasting vegetables, and the wontons are full of ginger, tofu, and more vegetables.

2)  MooShoes' Whalentine's Day bake sale benefiting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (those amazing folks who take direct action to save whales and other sea creatures from death and injury).   Here is our cheerful take-home stash of vegan cookies and bread:

Part of my Whalentine's Day Bake Sale stash.

No visual for this one but the other day (after our Peacefoods wonton soup meal) J. and I wandered 14th Street and discovered Namaste, a bookshop owned by people formerly involved with the terrific East-West bookstore that closed a few years ago.  Near Union Square, Namaste is well stocked in goods and good energy -- shall I take a sound meditation class?  I think so!

More to come...


  1. I have been enjoying your past blog posts today. I either have eosinophilic esophagitis, or GERD, or both! Recently had a strictured esophagus dilated and I am getting strict on the no coffee, soda, alcohol, bottled drinks,etc. Tea is rough for me, and that is a sad loss too.

  2. Hi Healthfulsave,
    These digestive issues are a journey -- thanks for sharing. Have you found any foods that are especially good for your condition? I've learned that chewing thoroughly, until my food is like gruel in my mouth, is one of the best strategies in helping control my issues. Not that I always practice this -- but it does really help! Eating soft foods is helpful, too (mashed potato, well cooked vegetables, grits/polenta/oatmeal, etc). Has this been your experience too?

    Regarding the tea -- I am such a tea fan I could not imagine giving it up. I share the pain! Have you had any luck with different teas? Do you like any herbals that are out there? I experimented with different teas, and different quantities, and have learned that Oolongs and Puehrs do not bother me. This works out well since they are also my favorite types of tea! I can sometimes handle high quality black tea, especially Darjeeling, and high quality green teas. I've also learned to like chamomile and herbal blends and drink one herbal cup nearly daily, when I feel I'm too "Gerdy" or if I've had a bunch of caffeinated tea, or just to relax. The "high quality" brands I think are key. I'm also okay with dark chocolate at this point, thank goodness, but I know that's a trigger from some as well. :(

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  4. You might enjoy the links at which are for the UW Madison Integrative Health program and their tips on GERD. I am curious to try the DGL tablets they mention. As far as food goes, I do feel better avoiding all acidy foods and drinks and also super high fat things like pie, doughnuts etc. as far as the eosin esophagitis goes, I eat slowly and avoid textures like beef stew. I have had things so stuck in my esophagus that water comes right back up and that is very scary.
    It's hard to know about