July 29, 2012

Linkage: Medical Students and GERD, Four Fixes for Acid Reflux,

Some interesting GERD-related items in the news:

  • A survey of medical students in a Nigerian medical school revealed 26.3% were suffering from GERD.  Large amounts of cola and coffee are thought to be the cause, according to the GI specialist who discussed the survey.  I'm wondering if the pressure of medical school itself is a contributing trigger in this case -- med school is one of the most stressful training programs around.  
  • The July issue of Spry includes "Four Fixes for Acid Reflux" by Dr. Jorge Rodriguez.  This quick list of tips are nothing new, but reminders are always welcome, especially since I am still not abiding by some of my own principles (tonight, I ate too quickly, too much, and finished a bottle of Diet Coke left behind by guests -- you can guess how miserable my esophagus feels right now).  
  • And maybe my favorite link of the day -- Certified Nutritional Consultant and alternative medicine practitioner Brenda Watson's recent blog entry, "Part 1 of the Poop Chronicles."  I can't emphasize enough my personal experience regarding the connection between GERD and healthy motility.  Simply, when things aren't moving, I'm a reflux mess!   So, hurray for Brenda, who isn't afraid to put it all out there. There's endless amounts of interesting information on her blog/website overall, presented in a highly readable style.  Sure, some of her site is trying to sell you stuff, but I always learn something here (or am inspired to read more about it).  

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