June 3, 2012

Secret Weapon: Tiny Glass Storage Containers (How to Succeed at Portion Control)

I just discovered these micro-sized containers!

A few weeks ago, I spotted these tiny glass containers from Frigoverre at Whole Foods.  I could have looked around for a cheaper price (figuring WF may be pricier) but decided to just get them, in the interest of saving time.  I've been looking for a glass container to transport my lunch/snacks to work and these are perfection!  I bought two more yesterday, and am enjoying filling them with GERD-friendly portions of fruits, vegetables, nuts, you name it.  

Aside from the environmental aspects, I love the aesthetic experience of eating from glass -- infinitely more appealing than scratched/stained plastic!  


  1. Those are adorable!

    Two of the things I've been turning to lately to carry items is old jars (Maranatha's smaller sized nut butters come in a cute little jar, for example, and the labels are easy to remove) and non-plastic environmentally-friendly / reusable lunch bags. The jar can handle potentially leaky things, and the lunch bags carry apple slices, etc. Can't microwave them, though, like I think you can with the Frigoverre.


  2. I like the idea of re-using food containers -- re-use is always more desirable than re-cycle! And, any excuse to buy nut butter is worth exploring. ;-)

    I don't microwave my Frigoverre containers; there have been reports of them shattering. I got them for non-heated items such as fruit, nuts, granola, or storing leftovers that I'll heat later on the stove. For reheating things, I'm swearing by my glass Pyrex collection. Old school!