May 25, 2012

Trigger Me This: The Challenge of GERD Trigger Foods

One of the challenges of managing GERD is knowing your triggers.  If only there was a fool-proof guide!  From my own experience, and from what I've read, triggers are different for everyone.  And, sometimes, what will be a trigger varies from day to day.  

For me, I can usually tolerate chocolate and caffeinated teas after eating other foods.  Lately, I've been drinking a high quality green tea (sencha) around 10:30 AM with no problem -- in fact, my whole body feels great afterwards!  A few months ago, any green tea would not work out.  I don't know what has changed to allow my body to tolerate green tea again.   Tomatoes and onions don't bother me at all, but processed sweets (packaged cookies, supermarket cupcakes) can instantly flare up my reflux.  Yet, the famous Berger cookie -- a processed "cult cookie" from Baltimore -- does not trigger anything.  Drinking water or any liquid too fast usually results in the "food in throat" feeling, like literally water is sloshing up to the middle of my esophagus.    

With all these possibilities and sometimes contradictions, I was interested to read a thread on CafeMom discussing GERD triggers.  I am interested to know what other people can eat or avoid -- and how variable this situation is for all of us.  

From the CafeMom thread, here are the items that trigger GERD -- and don't:


Red pepper
Fatty foods
Really cold water
High sodium foods during or after dinner


Orange juice
Raw vegetables 
Eating small portions
Vegan diet
Baking soda (as a heartburn relief)

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