May 16, 2012

LINKAGE: Inspiration!

From Mudmagnetmum's thread, "The Lighter Side of GERD," posted on the board:

Perhaps it helps to remember the "good" things about GERD, like - 
* Without GERD you'd never have known that you could survive without tea, coffee or alcohol.

* Your GERD has probably brought you new friends, both here and in the outside world. With chronic illness you find out who your real friends are.

* You've probably experimented with some foods you never would have bothered with before, or may even have not heard of!

* Your diet is healthier than it was before, your arteries are whistle clean and you can walk past MacD's with your head held high.

In the same thread, Fireworks shares this INSPIRING video.  I admit, I was pumping the air and crying with joy by the end!

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