April 2, 2012

Linkage: Videos from the U of Wisconsin's Integrative Medicine Program

Quick status update:  Overall, I am maintaining my lack of the "food in throat/lump in throat" feeling -- and it is encouraging!  It seems the longer I go without this concern, the more I feel this issue may be resolved for good.   However, this past weekend, I ate larger quantities -- knowingly!  (why do I do this?!) -- and I caught myself eating fast a few times.   I've felt some reflux, belching, and overall "bloating" as a result.  It was a second "birthday weekend celebration," so I allowed some indulgence, but still -- is there any excuse for overeating or gulping down food?   I'm not being hard on myself; instead, I'm using the past days as "evidence" that my slow eating/small portions is the right approach.


Poking around the web, I found a few things of interest.  Here's some useful linkage:

From the University of Wisconsin's Integrative Medicine program, here are two engaging videos featuring Dr. David Kiefer and Dr. David Rakel.   I love their conversational, anecdotal style.  Good reminders for those of us well-versed in GERD, and a great introduction to these topics:

Discusses stress effects, exercise.

Overall discussion of GERD; excellent introduction and refresher.

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