April 22, 2012

Resources: The Acid Reflux Solution by Dr. Jorge Rodriguez

I was excited to learn about The Acid Reflux Solution, a new book for treating GERD.    Published in March, this eating-for-an-acid-free-life plan was developed by a gastroenterologist who himself suffered from reflux, and makes sense to me.  Dr. Jorge Rodriguez advocates controlling reflux by changing your relationship with food and, in a word, mindfulness.   Particular "trigger" foods are discussed, but "Dr. Jorge" also advises it's not just particular foods -- but timing, portions, and other factors that come together to manage reflux.  His advice for a healthy gut includes:

  • Small portions
  • Trigger foods (caffeine, animal fats, fried foods, etc.) in moderation
  • Good motility -- lots of fiber to keep things moving
  • Reducing water intake during and around mealtimes
My lived experience coincides with his findings, and I love his easy-to-understand explanations and common sense, holistic approach.

Note:  In full disclosure, I have not yet read the actual book but I have a good sense of his philosophy from his website/blog, TV appearances and reviews.  Apparently, Dr. Jorge is on his way to becoming the next Dr. Mehmet Oz!

Dr. Jorge's professional website

Healthy World blog (Dr. Jorge's blog about reflux, eating for health -- well-organized with tags)

Dr. Jorge on The View (April 2012)