January 20, 2012

Linkage: Livestrong

I confess, I'm in love with the Livestrong website and its elaborate personalized weight-nutrition-fitness calculator.  After realizing those few pounds I gained during the recent holiday are not budging, I decided to take action and get more mindful about losing them.  I should, in fact, lose a few more pounds beyond this to put myself squarely in my "healthy BMI" range instead of being at the higher end of it.

So, I signed myself up on the Livestrong site as an experiment, and am now tracking what I'm eating and what exercise I get each day.  It's motivating me, particularly the exercise bit.  Staying active is not my problem, but having a "desk job" is counterproductive to getting the movement I need.  The site is definitely encouraging me to reach my daily exercise requirements.

And, I love all the charts, databases, bells, and whistles!


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