October 19, 2011

Food Diary: GERD Elimination Diet - October

I am recommitting myself to figuring out and better controlling my latest gut issues.  I think another GERD Elimination Diet week will benefit me.   So, here we go, another week without caffeine, chocolate, spice, oils.   I'm also interested in sharing a few improvements I've made -- more nuts throughout the day, for one thing.  Thank you for the advice!

At some point, I'd like to try a few weeks of a "Food Elimination Diet."  I am intrigued by a coworker who discovered her gluten reaction by a variation on the usual elimination diet -- she spent weeks eating one trigger food every day for a week and then avoiding that food, documenting if she felt different when she stopped eating it.   I'd like to try this approach, which seems more doable given my schedule, out of town guests, nutrition needs, etc.  (It can't hurt, right?)


Mood: somewhat nervous about intestines/off and on constipation; going to doctor for follow up visit (non-GI related); otherwise fairly relaxed 
Symptoms: reflux/belching before eating; belching and some reflux after eating; bloated overal

1 Wheetabix square
1 C. Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tsp bran
1/4 C. ground walnuts
handful of miniature grapes
1/2 C. apple cider (from the greenmarket)
1 C. lemon verbena tea

1 small oat-bran-apple muffin (from home)
1/2 C. mini-grapes

Mood:  content, busy, hungry
Symptoms: belching, some reflux off and on

1 serving eggplant-chickpea-tomato casserole (from home)
1/2 whole wheat mini baguette from Au Bon Pain (I forgot my grain today!)

1 banana
1/2 whole wheat mini baguette (the rest of it from lunch)

Mood: Irritated, fatigued
Symptoms: No reflux but very bloated

2/3 C. Bird's Eye mixed vegetables
1 C. baked beans
2 Morningstar Farm sausage links (veggie)
2 slices rye toast
1 T. Earth Balance whipped spread

1 C. Breyer's ice cream (three flavor)

I went to bed feeling exhausted from a rigamarole of a day but slept throughout the night.  No GERD to wake me up.    [Note: By  morning, I woke up refreshed but again, about 5 minutes after waking and rummaging around the kitchen, I experienced a heavy feeling in my chest/stomach area -- what I think of as "reflux."   It is as if there is something "wet" inside my stomach.]

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