September 3, 2011

Green Beans and Bees

Finally, on to the Union Square greenmarket!  It's been three weeks since I've been there -- and my psyche and stomach are feeling deprived.  I've loaded my grocery cart with three tote bags (one is a cooler-style bag) and two plastic containers in which to stash fragile things like peaches and tomatoes.  My journey to the greenmarket involves a lot of walking and a subway ride, so preparation is the difference between getting things home in one piece or finding all of your cherry tomatoes turned into a mash.

As I've been grumbling in the past posts, my diet this past week has been lacking fresh produce, let alone my beloved greenmarket produce.  Blame it on the hurricane, my schedule, family visits and a lot of eating out.   So, I cannot wait to get green beans, chard, kale, tomatoes, other leafy things, maybe cauliflower if they have it.

 Of note: I've had green or black tea every day this week, and any effects were modest.  Right now, I am drinking an oolong and admit I feel a minor "lump in throat" feeling.  If this is all I experience, I'm not concerned.  (Unless it's pathologically affecting my esophagus.  Then I have trouble.)

My GERD is minimal today.  I spent the past two days eating smaller portions -- back to the "two breakfasts" scheme -- and minimizing my dairy intake (just the nightly ice cream).

I've been sleeping hard and long, even with strange dreams, and have started a reading-before-bed routine to help me de-stress.  Reading before bed -- it's been a long time that I've done this, and I LOVE IT!  Right now I am in awe of Motel Art Improvement Service, a comic by Jason Little.  (Whom I met at a local comics convention and he drew my own personal Bee for me in the cover flap of my book!)

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