September 13, 2011

Play Ball!

My busy, heartburn-laden weekend merged into a busy Monday -- another community health fair event (at the Mets' stadium!), more racing around, even more opportunities for rampant eating.  I was expecting more heartburn, but this subsided by Monday morning.

Despite all the mental agita, I actually felt good physically for most of the day -- one afternoon reflux episode went by quickly.  (At the time, I was feeling frazzled by my ragweed allergies, the heat, and the urgency of setting up our table.)

By the time I was was watching the Mets-Nationals game later, I had no GERD symptoms at all!   Even after eating:

1 veggie dog (hurray for CitiField for serving vegetarian options!) with mustard and ketchup
1/2 giant pretzel with mustard
1 chocolate soft serve cup from Carvel's (also in the ballpark)

p.s.  After complications from a long course of antibiotics, I have resumed taking probiotics.  

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