September 13, 2011

Tea and Small Portions

I have had two cups of tea today (!) and have no exacerbated feelings of GERD.  I'm starting to wonder if I even know what "food in throat" feels like anymore -- is it so constant that I am thinking it's not there?  or don't care?  Or is it truly subsiding?  It has always been extremely subtle.  Does anyone else have "subtle GERD?"

Anyhow, I'm thrilled about no overt heartburn or reflux associated with my tea drinking.  A few other aspects of my diet may be responsible.  The past few days:
  • I am eating multiple small meals/snacks
  • I am eating small portions
  • Since Saturday, 9/10, I have been taking a daily probiotic pill
  • After feeling three days of "tooth grinding" I used my nightguard last night (what a miracle device!

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