August 18, 2011

Secret Weapon: Mindfulness and Movement

I am feeling good!  Despite having a minor procedure today (removal of that sebaceous cyst), I am thrilled to be focused and completing projects and feeling, overall, pretty normal GI-wise.    It is interesting to note I also have not been grinding my teeth the past few days.  Less stress equals a happy gut?!

After reincorporating caffeine (tea and chocolate) and other GERD diet triggers, I feel okay, with one exception:  an increase in belching.   This occurs during or after eating, so I suspect I may be eating too fast, or eating too much.

I greatly enjoyed my morning cups of green tea the past days but have to admit now, after my GERD diet detox:

My body feels different.




Looks good.

Since recent tea and chocolate did not "trigger" symptoms, I think the healthfulness I am feeling is related to a mindfulness and level of movement I embraced this past week.

I avoided gratuitous chocolate snacks, I drank a lot more water, and I really thought about my body and how it was feeling.  Focused on it.   And I cleared my head of tiresome nagging chores during my days off -- it was liberating to haul those sacks of books to the Salvation Army, clean the stove down to the knobs, and scour the shower.

I greatly increased my movement:  first with an extreme 14 mile bike ride, but then I walked extra blocks, took the stairs after lunch, added a new set of morning exercises and stretches to my routine.  This level of mindfulness and movement is something I would like to continue.

 P.S.  Blog finds:   Check out this gem of a well-written blog.    And then check this stunning berry layer cake -- breathtaking photo, cake, concept.  (I'll bet someone I know could veganize that…)

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