August 3, 2011

Food Diary: Wednesday, August 3


This is the second tea-free day of my "GERD elimination test."  Is that why I am so tired?  I fell asleep at my desk both days.  Is it the lack of tea that's causing my narcolepsy?  A few times, I also felt unable to mentally "get with it."  I knew if I had some tea, the afternoon would go more smoothly.  As for how this is making my guts feel, I have to admit I feel less "gerdy."  No belching, no regurgitation, nothing.   Note that I am still having chocolate (bar and brownies).

I've decided to omit my bathroom goings-on in this blog, which will already be full of gratuitous information about my guts.   However, take note:  anyone interested in improving their GI issues -- or their health, in general -- should track how their intestines are functioning.   For Android phones, I recommend the PoopLog.  (iPhone users -- any suggestions?)


6:00 AM - Breakfast
1 Wheetabix biscuit
1 C. almond milk (Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla)
1/4 C. raisins (Sunmaid)
1 peach
1/2 C. blackberries
2/3 C. mineral water (Gerolsteiner)

10:00 AM - Snack
1/3 sourdough bagel, plain
1 individual applesauce (Motts Natural)

12:00 PM - Lunch 
1 white flour roll (from Employee Appreciation Day free lunch)
1 vegetable "potsticker" (from Employee Appreciation Day free lunch)
1.5 C. squash casserole (mine)

1:30 PM - Snack
1 Mr. Softee vanilla ice cream cone

3:30 PM - Snack
1 C. cherries

7:30 PM - Dinner 
Warmed in cast iron pan:  kidney beans, fresh corn kernels scraped off the cob, 4 cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley

9:00 PM - Snack
Brownies - from a recipe I found on Allrecipes for Vegan Brownies

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