July 30, 2011

Doctor's orders

Since January 2011, I've been officially diagnosed with GERD, or something like it.   I enjoyed an upper GI endoscopy, three months of Omeprazole, and increasing symptoms of belching, food "stuck in my throat," and regurgitation.  GERD is not for the faint of heart!

I just had my six month follow up.  My doctor thinks I have what is known as "IBS of the esophagus."  My medication did not help, and we agreed the symptoms seem "stress related," though now certain foods are definitely becoming suspect.

"You should blog about your experiences.  People will want to know what you're going through so they can compare it to their experiences."   It's also a way to get me to "journal" my food intake and reactions.

Since I appreciate others sharing their stories, here's mine.

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